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HEAVEN: Stories of People Who Died & Came Back!

HEAVEN: Stories of People Who Died & Came Back!

Former-skeptic John Burke was an agnostic engineer who studied over 1,000 people that had near-death experiences. Some saw Heaven, and some saw Hell. Now he challenges anyone to disbelieve in Heaven and life after death, after examining his research. He says the stories of people who’ve come back from Heaven and Hell will change how you see life forever!
Nothing is quite like seeing life through the eyes of Heaven. Make it a priority! When he began what would amount to almost 1,000 interviews, skeptic-turned-pastor John Burke didn’t realize God had set him up. Imagine Heaven is John’s account of more than 100 moment-of-truth near-death experiences. And he compares them to what Scripture says about our biggest questions of Heaven.
Imagine Heaven will change just about anyone who reads it!
John found that common yet unique experiences shared by thousands of near-death survivors uphold the glimpses of Heaven promised in the Bible. These journeys into the afterlife will change the way you live your life today and how you view the life to come — John says make it a priority! The questions are familiar, but the answers are convincing. Among them:
John Burke is a New York Times bestselling author. He and his wife, Kathy, are co-founders of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas.

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