Saturday, August 17



Have YOU met the REAL JESUS? Beware, there are many FALSE christ’s around. The REAL Jesus can be found by what He did, who He was, and why He came. Stop, Look & Find Christ Daily: Don’t walk through any portion of God’s Word again without scraping what you find off in the Presence of the Lord—ask him to tell you how much it is worth. Then start a life long habit of scooping up the treasures of His Word. It will be a spiritual fortune. That over-familiarity to the point of not seeing treasures in our surroundings can also happen to us spiritually. We can almost think that we have exhausted a passage of God’s Word and when we come to it we only see what we saw before and so we just pass on by. That can also happen when we open week after week to the same chapter of the Bible here as we gather at church. As we return week after week to God’s Word, it can become common, familiar and almost a place where we notice nothing new. The only solution is to ask the Lord to open our eyes and heart every time we enter His Word. The Lord can make every entrance into His Word yield great treasures. To know God is the greatest treasure in all of life. Today the treasure we are seeking comes from the greatest week in history: the passion week of Christ.

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